The Repressive Reign of the Rainbow

Week six at the new consulting gig has started and I’m trying to keep myself busy since the boss fails to give me anything to do. It is quite strange that the consultant has to keep asking for work considering the hourly rate that he is billing. Chilling and billing. As long as I’m sitting in my seat, the clock is ticking and I’m going to be billing. 

This place is a sad farce. I have never worked for a company this unstructured, unpolished, unserious, and unprofessional. The office is filled with loads of millenial morons dressed inappropriately and sporting the latest vulgar tattoo/branding job from the weekend. Fridays in the summer work ends at 2 and happy hour commences at 12:30 in the office with cocktails getting mixed around noon. If alcohol is not in the system by 1, people start getting antsy. The horrible open office space design ensures that every nonsensical conversation about celebrity gossip, inane TV shows, or the latest Instagram feed update is heard by everyone within a 40-foot radius.

†I have been thinking about the open-space office trend this decade and have identified four major reasons that corporations are pushing this obnoxious, distracting, idiotic office set-up.

1) Better oversight and supervision of employees by management.

2) Maximizing available office square footage by squeezing more people into the same office since the desks are smaller and most offices have disappeared.

3) Lower cost associated with not having to pay for the materials that a standard cubicle would require.

4) Obediently following the trendy, treasonous, sellout tech oligarchs since that is the hip, modern, progressive approach. Because having management sit out with the lowly peons that they shepherd every day is so democratic and egalitarian. There is no hierarchy. We are all rowing in the same boat and same direction. This is not surprising considering the delusional, post-modern age we are unfortunate to live in.

The office is young and female dominated. Sometimes I feel that I’m at a sorority house, but without any of the enticing possibilities that any healthy man would associate with one. The processes and standards are sloppy and ineffective. If this were a publicly-traded company, I would be shorting the stock with a vengeance. Management tries to be buddies with the millenial subordinates by encouraging drinking, idiotic conversations, and phony bonding. The head of the department is a mother hen type middle-aged woman who dresses like a high schooler, cusses like a sailor, and brags about her hangovers.

The radical homosexual propaganda that is part of the neo-liberal, anti-Christian, progressive globalist ideology is on full display seeing that we are in the queer month of June. I had not realized that Big Gay has managed to appropriate an entire month to its degenerate cause of normalizing sexual perversion with the ultimate goal of completely undermining the Christian moral order and accelerating the atomization of an already hyper-individualist, fragmented society. Jonathan McCormack, in his article “Homo-imperialism: Queering the World for Capital,” brilliantly summarizes this reprehensible tactic below:

Elite-driven advances of changing sexualities foster de-normed individuals that define themselves not by family, nation, religious affiliation, or tradition, but rather through self-creation according to the liberated individual will. With this groundwork in place, corporations can then gain control of the populace by dictating and manipulating multiform identities based on nothing more than appetites atomized from any larger cultural networks.

By understanding the nefarious endgame, it is less curious why most companies, in their Jacobin-esque, extremist secular purging of all public manifestations of Christianity, have censored or outright banished the use of the phrase “Merry Christmas”, while embracing wholesale the depraved ideology of the rainbow. Somehow I doubt that our fair city’s Fourth of July parade will get 1/1000th of the corporate coverage that is afforded the “pride” parade. This is par for the corporate course since a patriotic celebration would serve to increase national identity and cultural cohesion―both concepts anathema to our transnational corporate overlords’ pernicious agenda. Sodomy and gender confusion are virtues. Patriotism and Christianity are vices. Vice is turned into virtue and the abnormal normalized. Welcome to the 21st century.

We are bombarded with almost daily reminders of the “pride” parade and there is even a “rainbow rally” planned in the office two days prior to the main perverted, nihilistic event. If I see one more rainbow in an email, I will bring in a priest to perform and exorcism of this damned place. Then, out of nowhere, someone starts handing out rainbow bandanas and the (ass)clowns around me begin putting these on while discussing what everyone should be wearing the next day for the company photos. I’m certain these sycophantic pictures would be proudly posted on (anti-)social media as yet another pathetic example of spineless, parasitic corporations bending over backwards to perform their politically correct virtue signaling in order to curry favor with the cultural marxist, radical left and their globalist corporate allies and enablers.  

I just stare bewildered at a spreadsheet when, in the corner of my eye, I notice that the director of my group has put on the rainbow-colored bandana and is proudly showing it off to everyone while looking like a bizarre, bearded, Southern fruitcake. In this ridiculous state of affairs there is only one option left for any decent, honorable man with his dignity still in tact. And that, my friends, is to turn off the computer, stand up, and walk out of this debased place never to return.

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